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QuicKafe™ - Original

QuicKafe™ - Original

Product Code: QuicKafe™ - original
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A Box of 12 premium QK™ liquid coffee concentrate servings.

No matter where the life takes you, QuicKafe™ is your best travel companion. Easy to carry, easy to prepare your coffee beverage, any time, any place.

Just empty one serving of QuicKafe™ into your mug, fill up with water or milk and enjoy it.

Because QuicKafe™ is a liquid coffee concentrate, unlike instant coffee, it mixes immediately with water, or milk, no matter the temperature.

Classic Preparation:

  • empty one single serve QK™ into a mug, glass or cup
  • top up with 8 to 10 ounces of water or milk (hot or cold)
  • add any other ingredient you like your coffee with


You may also use the QuicKafe™ liquid coffee concentrate in any other way. It mixes perfectly with any other liquid, hot or cold. 

Also great as an ingredient in baking or dessert preparation.

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