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Spray Dried Espresso Powder 5 lb bag

Spray Dried Espresso Powder 5 lb bag

Brand:All American Coffee LLC
Product Code: Espresso Powder
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All American Coffee LLC offers exceptional, all natural, 100% coffee Arabica Instant Espresso Powder. Our product is processed with 100% coffee beans that are blended, roasted, and ground to our precise specifications.

Spray dried instant espresso coffee powder of superior quality. Only coffee and water are used in production of this Arabica Instant espresso powder. The spray dried process conserves the best quality components of the solid solvents. It is a soft scented coffee, highly balanced. It has the attributes of an excellent instant coffee.

Great for preparation of your daily coffee beverage or as baking ingredient. Spray dried coffee is commonly accepted as the affordable of the “high-end” instant coffee’s. It is made using quality coffee beans. The texture of spray-dried coffee is vastly different to that of freeze-dried; rolling a granule between two fingertips reveals that the granule crumbles relatively easily, and is not a solid granule.

By eye, one can also see that spray-dried coffee is rounder, more porous and fragile-looking. The color is also far deeper than that of freeze-dried coffee. The method to spray-dry coffee is that “hot stream is being used to evaporate the fluid. The coffee is pulverizing under high pressure in a tube where streams hot air through.”

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